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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

HY 1110-08F-2, AMERICAN HISTORY I (HY1110-08F-2) Essay

HY 1110-08F-2, AMERICAN HISTORY I (HY1110-08F-2) - Essay Example Me, a single citizen of this nation, has a voice that will be heard. I am empowered with an authority that the government will listen to. In this day and age, it is a breather to know that the power resides in the people and that the people creates the government. There is a balance between what the people and the government can do. I know that my individual right is protected even from the government and from those in power. And I live with the assurance that a balance exists between the rights of the people and the power of the government to rule the people. As a student I can greatly relate to my right to speak freely or to meet as group. I bask in my liberty to share my mind without fear of being abdicated nor unjustly punished. Isn’t it great that each is given a chance to air grievance and directly participate in the political process? Not only am I entitled to vote, I can write and participate in political campaigns as well. This makes one think that those in authority are certainly interested in the voice of the masses. As a student, I am empowered and I feel important. As for my family, safety and security in our own home is another thing that we value most. A home will never be a home in the truest sense of the word if not for the safety it brings for every family member. The Bill of Rights afforded each family against unjust searches and protection within. Peace of mind for me and my family is indeed priceless. Lastly, in my view, the ratified amendments, beyond its legal implications, brings forth a grave impact in my life because it serves as an education for me. Education of what I am entitled to as a citizen of this nation and enlightens me to be vigilant in protecting and standing up for my rights, guarding it at all cost from any possible oppression. James Madison, being the â€Å"Father of The Bill of Rights† feels for every

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