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Nevada State Senatorial Race - Research Paper Example The challenge for the Nevada State Senate depended on a solitary seat. The challeng...

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Why Did Reconstruction Fail - 870 Words

Why did Reconstruction fail? Reconstruction in the United States is historically known as the time in America, shortly after the Civil War, in which the United States attempted to readdress the inequalities, especially of slavery and many other economic, social and politically issues including the poor relationship between the North and the South of America. These problems were highly significant in America, and a variety of groups in government tried to resolve these problems, but this only led to the Civil War. Unfortunately although there were numerous new constitutions and laws introduced to tackle these issues, it could be said that reconstruction did indeed fail, and there was a variety of reasons that many historians touch upon to†¦show more content†¦Me and Ma couldn’t live.† Their poverty was so extreme that they had to go back without any dignity to their slave owners â€Å"we starting working for Mr. Emenson. He had a big store, teams and land. We liked it and I been here fifty six years now. There was so much wild game, living was not so hard.† (Mckinney) It’s evident that poverty left many African Americans in despair, they wanted their freedom so badly but they wanted to live more therefore had no choiceShow MoreRelatedAfrican American and Black People Essay1273 Words   |  6 Pagesissues most concerned black political leaders during Reconstruction? Reconstruction brought important social changes to former slaves. Families that had been separated before and during the Civil War were reunited, and slave marriages were formalized through legally recognized ceremonies. Families also took advantage of the schools established by the Freedmens Bureau and the expansion of public education, albeit segregated, under the Reconstruction legislatures. New opportunities for higher educationRead MoreReconstructions Failure809 Words   |  4 Pagesbeen proved false. Some people may believe that the main reason why the congress’ reconstruction ef forts to ensure equal rights to the freedmen failed was because virtually no one in America thought blacks were equal to whites. Basically it was because people still have racial thoughts; slaves didn’t get to fully acquire the meaning and prerogatives of their rights; in other words they were uneducated. Also during the reconstruction multiple deals were made in order to make things go by in certainRead MoreWhat Were The Principal Questions Facing The Nation At The End Of The Civil War?1276 Words   |  6 Pageswar, the questions of freedom, treatment of Confederate soldiers, how states should readmitted to the Union, and repairs in the South remained. The foremost question that both white southerners, white northerners, and African Americans faced was what did freedom mean: for white southerners, it meant freedom from the perceived tyrannical rule of the North; for white northerners, it started and stopped with emancipation with the exception of the Radicals and some Moder ates; and for African Americans,Read MoreHow Do You Account for the Failure of Reconstruction to Bring Social and Economic Equality of Opportunity to the Former Slaves766 Words   |  4 PagesWar occurred, the slaves were given freedom from their owners, and slavery was banned. That attempt at reconstruction was not a complete fail, but it took a little bit of time for America to give social and economic equality to slaves. There were many attempts made by several different presidents, but not all seemed to work due to the South’s stubbornness. The failure of reconstruction later did not bring social and economic equality to former slaves in the south because of things like the Jim CrowRead MoreThe Constitution Holds Great Credit1365 Words   |  6 PagesThe constitution holds great credit even after two hundred and twenty-eight years of existence. Why? This is because of a number of reasons, first due to the fact that this document is the foundations of what this nation st ands upon today and what finally brought the country in unison successfully after the revolution. Also because the constitution is the document that protects the citizens of all their liberties and rights still today, not to mention though it was signed in seventy eighty-eightRead MoreCh 16 Reconstructed1096 Words   |  5 Pagesbegan their new free lives. Often times they all struggled but they were now free. 2. Compare the economic conditions of the South with the economic conditions of the North during the period of Reconstruction. The economic conditions of the South compared to the North during the period of Reconstruction varied quite heavily. The South was limited in many ways after the war and had little to expand and prosper where as the North had everything from political power to trade. They made it so theRead MoreThe American Civil War1418 Words   |  6 Pagesthe economic and social institutions in the South† (â€Å"Civil War and Reconstruction†). The Civil War helped add more protection the rights of the slaves and it also helped rebuild the economic system in the South that once relied on slaves. This new freedom among slaves was shown in the creation of the Civil Rights Acts. This Civil Rights Act of 1866 â€Å"guaranteed blacks equal protection under the law† (â€Å"Civil War and Reconstruction†). This act helped in force the protection of freed slaves. With thisRead MoreReconstruction Failure Essay1600 Words   |  7 PagesThe Reconstruction period is the name give n to the time in between 1863 and 1877. This period’s main goal was to reunite the United States of America after the most substantial event of disunity in American existence: The Civil War. Reconstruction consisted of many proposed plans and attempts to reinstate the Southern states back into the union. In the early stages, there was some promise as to what reconstruction had the ability to accomplish, because some political groups had the right ideas aboutRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie Song Of The South 1578 Words   |  7 Pagescritics over the tropes and stereotypes that it portrays in its animated films. This is not a recent event however. One of Disney’s most notorious and controversial films, Song of The South, was released in 1946. Song of the South, set during the Reconstruction Era, focuses on a young boy named Johnny who learns that his parents will being living apart for an unknown amount of time, moves to a plantation in Georgia, while his father conti nues to live in Atlanta. Depressed and confused over the recentRead MoreAbraham Lincoln : Heroes Serve Powers Or Principles Larger Than Themselves952 Words   |  4 Pagesduring 1861 to 1865, and he presents with all his power to his country. Abraham Lincoln was an outstanding hero because he endured many hardships in life, abolished black slavery, and helped reconstruct America after the Civil War. One reason why Lincoln is known as a hero was that he never gave up even though he had many hardships in his personal and political life. This is similar to Tollefson’s idea about a hero having character flaw like â€Å"political incorrectness† and become â€Å"easy targets

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Biblical World View Essay - 949 Words

BIBLICAL WORLD VIEW ESSAY BIBL 110 In The Essence of the New Testament: A Survey, Towns and Gutierrez, the authors concur with other Biblical scholars understanding that â€Å"the teaching of Romans is not only crucial for Christian theology, but the greatest revivals and reformations throughout the history of Christianity have resulted from an increased understanding and application of the teaching of this epistle† This essay will attempt to summarize how the first 8 chapters of this amazingly written Book of Romans shapes my own personal Biblical worldview. I will first look at 4 areas in which Paul specifically presents clear evidence to his readers of the truth of the Gospel Message. The first area He presents is in regard to†¦show more content†¦Paul goes on to list the many sinful ways of the darkened minds that chose not to honor God. The inspired list of sins that Paul declares leaves no room for any man to truly believe that he is without sin. It is in that list of sins that Paul shows the sep aration of all mankind from God. It is only in that place of acknowledgment of sin that man can begin to understand his or her human identity. My own human identity is shaped more and more each day as I choose to stand before God acknowledging that I am a sinner. I have a world view that is changing to become more understanding of the need to spread the Gospel message because of my increased awareness of my own sin nature. The third and forth areas of Pauls writing in Romans builds on the first two. Now that mankind has had the obvious evidence of the existence of God in Nature, and now that mankind has seen that he fits somewhere on the list of behaviors that do not honor God, Paul moves on to point out the affects of ungodly living. Mankind began to worship idols, and humans turned against each other as the result of turning their hearts and minds against God. Because of mans choice to turn from God, the sinfulShow MoreRelatedBiblical World View Essay988 Words   |  4 Page sBiblical Worldview Essay As an Accountant, I will not balance the books to display more revenue that the company does not possess, nor will I spend money from company funds for my personal needs and or pleasures because these are not the attributes of the image of God. â€Å"So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them† (Genesis 1:27). I need to represent His image in all that I do. â€Å"Mankind is created in order to represent God here on earth†Read MoreBiblical World View and Education Essay examples1558 Words   |  7 PagesBiblical Worldview and Curriculum Development Emily A Cobb Liberty University EDUC 672 Biblical World View and Curriculum Development What is the role of a teacher? What is the role of a learner? How does a teacher in a classroom apply their faith, beliefs, and view of the world into their classroom? How does this worldview affect the outcome of the curriculum that is developed and taught to their students? This paper will explore these questions and how the ideas of world viewRead MoreBiblical World View Bibl 104 Essay examples894 Words   |  4 Pagesmight classify them; and it reminds me that whether you call it the Vibe or not those one on one connections are our chance to help change someoneelses life and conceptions. Biblical Worldview Essay Grading Rubric Student:| Criteria|PointsPossible|PointsEarned|Instructor’s Comments| Content: Does the essay cover the subject as thoroughly as possible? Are at least 2 topics covered? Does it demonstrate a personal understanding of the subject?|50||| Introduction: Is there a clear introductoryRead MoreEducation Through a Biblical Worldview1046 Words   |  5 PagesBiblical Worldview Essay Christina Roberts L27520522 September 30th, 2015 INFT 101 Thesis In the book of Romans chapters 1-8, Paul vocalizes truths that are the foundation of a biblical worldview. Paul addresses certain components relating to the natural world, the human identity, human relationships, and culture. In this essay, I plan to compare and contrast Romans chapters 1-8 as it applied in Paul’s tie and mine. I believe Paul’s teachings encourages us to seek the truth of scriptureRead MoreThe Relationship Between Biblical Teaching and Ethical Behaviour1023 Words   |  5 PagesThe Relationship Between Biblical Teaching and Ethical Behaviour All Christians share the belief that the Bible is divinely inspired. We all turn to it to be challenged and inspired by it, and to expose ourselves to the divine perspective. For the church the Bible is normative. That is to say the church places itself under the authority of scripture. The Biblical definition of ethics is connected with doctrine and they are not offered apart from a set of guidelines and Read MoreEssay Human Nature And The Declaration Of Independence1629 Words   |  7 Pages Human Nature and the Declaration of Independence nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; I would like to show that the view of human nature that is shown in The Declaration of Independence is taken more from the Bible and that that view is in disagreement with two of the three esays given in class. The Biblical perspective of man is that he was created by a divine Creator with a specific plan in mind and made in the image of his Creator. Men are entitled to the pursuit of happiness but also requiredRead MoreBiblical Worldviews Of Romans And The Romans1067 Words   |  5 PagesBiblical Worldview Essay In this essay, I ll explore the Biblical worldviews of Romans 1-8 and my viewed opinions of all of the subject matters. On the other hand, I’ll aim to examine the sins committed by the Romans during the era of Paul’s generation and how in my opinion, these sins will continue to pledged to today’s society. Moreover, the Biblical Worldviews of the book of Romans illustrate God’s devotion to our daily lives. However, everybody’s worldwide as they see life, and that issueRead MoreBlack Boy And The Grapes Of Wrath Analysis1728 Words   |  7 Pages respectively, full of biblical allusions to demonstrate that religion is ineffective at addressing the issues of the indigent because teleological narratives, when applied to material context, do not have the same end. While this paper claims that both authors have a negative casting of religion, other writers feel the opposite. One writer is Kelly Crockett, who posits a positive reading of religion in The Grapes of Wrath. In her essay, she identifies a slew of biblical allusions, and argues thatRead MoreViews On The Historical Adam Essay1061 Words   |  5 PagesFour views on the historical Adam consists of four prominent biblical scholars, who together, provided there understanding of scripture to a project that shed light on the figure identified in Genesis 1 as Adam. The four contributors to this book are: Dr. Denis Lamoureux, Dr. John Walton, Dr. C. John Collins, and Dr. William Barrick. Four Views on the Historical Adam visibly outlines four key views on the Genesis figure Adam held by evangelicals. The content provided is theologically consistent inRead MoreGlobal Missions Paper1189 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ Global Missions Paper HTH 469/Grand Canyon University 08/24/2014 In this essay I will analyzes Escobars thesis and compares and contrasts his theological contribution with other theologians. I will discussion Escobars contextual approach as compared/contrasted in relation to one theological theme with two other contemporary theologians. I will summarize how Escobars overall theological contribution either expands or challenges the theological perspectives of

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Information Security Management Standards †Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Information Security Management Standards? Answer: Introduction At present time the business environment is changing rapidly due to development in technology and information system. In this concern, the report is describing the process of selecting an AIS/ERP to make investment decision in information system. Apart from this, the report is outlining on business process, business requirements, system requirement and selection of a vendor. The report is considering SIGMA HEALTHCARE LTD to make better understanding about the AIS/ERP to improve the business performance. Business processes of the organization Business processes are set of several activities that are accomplished by an organization to achieve predefined goals and objectives. These business processes are systematic approaches of improving the organizations performance efficiently (Becker et al., 2013). The business processes enable to the organization to execute certain business activities internally with effective cost and resources. In this concern, depending on organizational structure and nature of work the business process are categorized as below: Primary processes or operational processes: The primary or operational processes are referred as fundamental set of several business activities. These processes are related with the core value chain and business activities that are essential for the whole operational activities of an organization (Becker et al., 2013). In Sigma Healthcare Ltd, the primary processes are employed to deliver value for the customer by serving to construct a service or product. The primary processes characterize indispensable business activities that are accomplished to achieve business goals and objectives such as generating revenue. Furthermore, in a healthcare or medicine related organization the primary processes are cross-functional, end-to-end activities to deliver value to customers. These processes are often critical processes because these business processes are symbolized as crucial activities that an organization executes to carry out its long-term mission. Sigma Healthcare Ltd employed these processes to framework the value chain, where all strides include value to the previous stride to contribute in the formation or delivery of products and services to generate value for the customers. The management of Sigma Healthcare Ltd has focus on its manufacturing process to provide qualitative products and generate believeness of the customers on its products and services (Sigma Healthcare, 2017). Apart from this, the company has also make attention on quality assurance process product assembly process and preventive maintenance procedure to make effective the primary business processes. Support processes: In an organization, these processes are intended to make available support for the primary processes as requirement of infrastructure and management resources in the primary business activities. It is analyzed that the primary processes and support processes are different from each other as the primary processes generate direct value to the customers but the support processes not generate direct value to the customers. The examples of support processes are infrastructure management, information technology management and human resource management (Hung et al., 2011). All of these support processes are involved in a life cycle of resources and associated with organizations different functional areas. In addition, the processes related to managing ability of the organization and not delivering direct value to the customers but helpful for the organization to deliver the product and services. In medical industry, the support processes also include a number of cross-functional activities such as engineering design, purchase planning and process of placing the production capacity. All of these cross-functional activities could contain cross-functional group with agent from finance, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, information technology and different types of functional organizations to support the operational activities of the organization (Hung et al., 2011). Hence, the support processes of adopted by Sigma Healthcare Ltd do not openly generate the customers value but important for the organization as strategic and fundamental requirement of the organization. Therefore, the company can use these support processes to increase the organizations ability of accomplishing primary processes. Management processes: In an organization, the management processes are exploited to assess, supervise and manage different types of business activities. These procedures ensure that the primary processes and support processes are assembling operational goals, regulatory, legal and financial requirements. As support processes the management processes also not directly provide value to consumers, but are essential to make sure that the Organization is operating effectively and efficiently its business operations (Susanto et al., 2011). In addition, the business environment of Australia is stable and supportive for the organizations therefore it is analyzed that the management processes of Sigma Healthcare Ltd are effective to achieve its goals and objectives in medical industry. Business requirements Business requirements are defined as a phase of expansion life cycle, which facilitates the requirements to the end users as a first duty of the organization to direct the plan for future system. In other words, the business requirements are related to specific needs that must be address by the management to achieve organizational goals and objectives in effective manner. Therefore, the business requirement must be defined clearly at a very high level with providing enough guidance and information related to organizations mission (Ramachandran, 2013). In this concern, the different contents of business requirements for Sigma Healthcare Ltd are discussed as below: There is requirement of target audience to expand the business activities across different countries The management has need of different types data such as demographic data, sales data and industry data for better business decisions For better financial position there is requirement of stakeholders and business partners Requirement of highly experiences employees who have good knowledge in medical industry because the highly experienced employees will be able to produce qualitative products There is requirement of training for the new educated employees to introduce the current trends in medical industry and understand the new technology adopted by organization In healthcare industry the technology is developed rapidly therefore there is requirement of implementing new technology in the organization for better performance and quality products Systems requirement The system requirements are different from the business requirement in many ways. The system requirements are defined as a way of describing high level design to deliver business requirements. As AIS/ERP is computer based system to manage different internal and internal resource with including financial resources, tangible assets, materials and several human resources therefore it has some essential system requirements (Grabski et al., 2011). The purpose of system requirement is to assist the flow of information among all business departments inside the limitations of an organization with managing relationship to the outsider business partners. In this concern, to manage different business activities different system requirements are discussed as below: Server Hardware Requirements: For a successful implementation of ERP in the organization, it is essential to establish appropriate server hardware system. As Sigma Healthcare Ltd is big organization and there is multi user of software therefore the organization is required to use a high level of CPU such as Xeon with intellectual features such as 2 Quad Core CPUs, 2.0ghz+ CPU speed, 32GB RAM, and high disk storage. In addition, a healthcare company can use MD software to work well because MD can be easily scaled up in the large organizations and can be used by different users at a time. This software is not supported by Windows XP because this window does not meet the security standards required in medical organizations. In this regard, the organization will be required Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Home for professional use (NowMD, 2017). These system hardware requirements will be helpful for the organization in performing the accounting and different organizations operations. In addition, the MD is entirely supported by Remote Desktop Services which is also known as Terminal Services in the Windows Server operating system. Therefore, it company can establish the fully innovated and advanced technology it its AIS/ERP to support the management processes. Furthermore, the different software features that are essential as system requirements are discussed as below: It is essential for an organization to check properly that the established system is able to generate automated transaction, billing, invoices, printing, credit and processing in the selected software package (Peschard et al., 2013). The automated system will be able to carry out the IT investment objectives of the organization therefore it important to establish automated system to manage all financial activities. Core Accounting Features: The organization should consider that the established accounting software is able to generate account receivable, account payable, audit trial, general ledger, drill down and expenses management for better financial decisions. In present time, these accounting features are essential for an organization to manage business account with accuracy. Fixed asset features: There are different types of fixed asset features such as depreciation tracking, split asset and RFID tracking that are essential for an organization to consider in software. Apart from this, the software should be functionally considered by the organization to execute inventory management practices in effective manner. Hence, it is essential for an organization to establish fixed asset feature for effective inventory management practices. Tax features: In corporate sector there are different types of taxes such as sales tax, VAT and excise duty that are paid by the companies. Therefore, the tax feature is essential tool for established IT system to perform the accounting functions in effective manner. These features are essential in a software package to maintain financial transactions according legal rules and regulations of account. On behalf of this feature the required information will be helpful for the management to take appropriate financial decisions. Reporting features: The established accounting software should be able to produce balance sheet, cash flow statement, budgeting, custom report, sales report, PL account and depreciation automatically with accuracy. These features will be supportive for the management to produce overall financial report for business decisions and achieve the IT investment objectives in dynamic manner. Security feature: It is essential for an organization to secure its data related to business operations. In this concern it is analyzed that the established software should be secure and protect the financial data from hackers. Software and vendor selection In is analyzed that ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an electronic and valuable tool for the organizations, which may impact on overall business activities. In this regard, to manage several business activities such planning, purchasing, research development, supply chain management, marketing and sales it is essential to select an appropriate software and vendor. On the basis of above analysis it is observed that the company can use SAP vendor in order to establish accounting software (Tullous and Utecht, 2011). It a beneficial vendor for Sigma Healthcare Ltd due to a wide range of accounting features in compare to other vendors. In other words, the SAP vendor offers a wide range of accounting features and enterprise resource planning such as business intelligence module, account receivable, budgeting and resource modules for the organization. In addition, the SAP vendor include the features of procurement module, supply chain management module, manufacturing module and social media that creates it importance for the organization. Furthermore, it is analyzed that the SAP vendor is a better accounting solution for both medium and large size organizations therefore it is advantageous for Sigma Healthcare Ltd in obtaining accounting goals and objectives. In this regard, the SAP vendor covers different areas of an organization in order to assist several accounting and human resource services so that the organization can select this software package to obtain objectives. Apart from this, an organization can cover different industry sectors such as banking, finance, aerospace, defense, education, consumer services, information technology, telecommunication, insurance retail and entertainment. Therefore, this software package can make an organizations operational activities effective in different areas which may increase the organizational performance in effective manner. Besides, the SAP vendor offers different support system to provide effective consumer services through email, live chat, brochures, phone and online platform. Therefore, it is analyzed that the Sap is an effective and fast procedure of making relation and contact with the target customers at lower cost. As well as, the organization can lessen its sales cost and time with increasing the cash flow. It is also analyzed that the SAP vendor is helpful in reducing the borrowed cost and delivery time with increasing the investment potentials. Hence, selection of SAP vendor and accounting software is helpful for the organization in increasing overall productivity and considerable in saving cost of operational activities. Ways which companies or organizations can utilize to improve business efficiencies There are different ways that that can be utilized by the organizations to improve the business efficiencies. These ways are described as below: Improve communication at the workplace: In the competitive business environment, it is essential for each organization to improve the way of communication at workplace. In this concern, it is analyzed that the management of the organization should communicate with its employees face to face get their views and opinions freely (Patterson, 2015). This communication process will be helpful for the employees to generate confidence and motivate to do work hard. Therefore, it is an effective way of improving business efficiencies. Inspire through Gamification: It is an effective for the organization through which an organization can motivate its employees in different way. Regular company meetings: It is essential for an organization to organize regular meetings with its team members to discuss on generating issues at the workplace. On the basis of discussion in meetings the management will be able to take business decision related to development of products and services as well as beneficial decisions for the employees. Provide opportunities for skills development: In the competitive business environment it is essential to provide the opportunities of developing skills for the employees. These opportunities will encourage the employees to perform their duties in effective way, which will lead to higher performance of the organization. In this regard, the organization should involve different appraisal programs for the employees to develop their skills and better opportunities. For this the management can implement training programs for the employees and create more opportunities to provide new responsibilities as the employees have abilities to contribute in in organizations competitiveness. Develop helpful processes at the workplace: By developing a helpful process at the workplace the organization will be able to develop the employees capabilities. In this regard, it is analyzed that in the helpful processes each of the employees will feel free and able to ask to each in difficult situations and also feel confident to do work in better way. Therefore, it is an effective way for the organization to develop the business efficiencies. Provide helpful technology at the workplace: In the growing competitive business environment it is essential for an organization to invest on employee resources. The organizations should adopt new technologies and collaborative tools to improve the work efficiency at workplace. Level of efficiency of technology implementation In the present business era, it is essential for each organization to develop its technology at the work place for better business results. The technological implementation may improve the work efficiency of an organization. In this concern, it observed that the technology is playing huge role in developing the organizations capabilities of producing innovative products. As well as, the technology also facilitates an effective platform of communication for the organization to communicate with employees and customers. In addition, the technology connects team members within the organization to communicate with each other in effective manner. Furthermore, it is analyzed that the technology also provides automated business environment in the organization, which improves the efficiency of production at lower cost and in less time. Therefore, the technological implementation is cost and time effective for an organization. In addition the technology also provides an effective financial platform for the investors to invest in an organization as they support financial to the organizations by investing as a partner. As a result, the technological implementation is an effective way for the organization to improve the level of efficiency in the growing industry. Potential security risks and data breaches There are different types of security risks and data breaches in an organization. In the present competitive business environment, the security risks and data breaches have been increased due to different reasons (Hall and Mcgraw, 2014). These risks are described as below: Risk of theft: It is a major risk in front of the organizations that may cause of security risk and data breaches. For example, if a formal employee has grudge with the organization than the employee may leak the organizations data to its competitors to get money. Loss of any electronic tools: It is also major risk faced by the organizations in present time. Many times an individual forgets its laptops or other devices at airports and other places, which may leak the important data related to the organization. Unauthorized Access and IT hacking: In the growing technological business environment it is a big risk in front of the management. It is observed that many times the cyber attacks on an organizations information technology and hacks the important electronic data and documents. Guidelines to mitigate these risks It is essential for an organization to protect its data related to organizations strategies and other important information. In this concern, the management should create a multidisciplinary team of executive leaders to recognize security and privacy issues, disclosure practices and standardized access. In addition, the management of the organization should implement technology to prevent and detect unauthorized data to manage effectively security and privacy of data. Conclusion From the above discussion it can be concluded that Sigma Healthcare Ltd involved in different business processes such primary processes, supportive processes and management processes. As well as, it is analyzed in the technological development the organizations should implement their accounting procedures and ERP processed for better business results. Furthermore, it can also be concluded that the technology has been developed tremendously that have impacted on the business operations in great manner. References Becker, J., Kugeler, M., and Rosemann, M. (2013)Process management: a guide for the design of business processes. USA: Springer Science Business Media. Grabski, S. V., Leech, S. A., and Schmidt, P. J. (2011) A review of ERP research: A future agenda for accounting information systems.Journal of information systems,25(1), pp. 37-78. Hall, J. L., and McGraw, D. (2014) For telehealth to succeed, privacy and security risks must be identified and addressed.Health Affairs,33(2), pp. 216-221. Hung, R. Y. Y., Lien, B. Y. H., Yang, B., Wu, C. M., and Kuo, Y. M. (2011) Impact of TQM and organizational learning on innovation performance in the high-tech industry.International business review,20(2), pp. 213-225. NowMD (2017) System Requirements. [Online]. Available at: https://www.nowmd.com/medical-software-support/healthcare-billing-software-system-requirements/ (Accessed: 18 September 2017). Patterson, J. (2015) 5 Ways to Increase Workplace Efficiency Company-Wide. [Online]. Available at: https://www.knowledgewave.com/blog/5-ways-to-increase-workplace-efficiency-company-wide (Accessed: 18 September 2017). Peschard, V., Philippot, P., Joassin, F., and Rossignol, M. (2013) The impact of the stimulus features and task instructions on facial processing in social anxiety: an ERP investigation.Biological psychology,93(1), pp. 88-96. Ramachandran, M. (2013) Business requirements engineering for developing cloud computing services. InSoftware Engineering Frameworks for the Cloud Computing Paradigmpp. 123-143. Sigma Healthcare (2017) About Us. [Online]. Available at: https://sigmahealthcare.com.au/about-us/ (Accessed: 18 September 2017). Susanto, H., Almunawar, M. N., and Tuan, Y. C. (2011) Information security management system standards: A comparative study of the big five.International Journal of Electrical Computer Sciences IJECSIJENS,11(5), pp. 23-29. Tullous, R., and Utecht, R. L. (2011) A decision support system for integration of vendor selection task.Journal of Applied Business Research (JABR),10(1), pp. 13

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Wuthering Heights monologue Essay Example For Students

Wuthering Heights monologue Essay A monologue from the novel by Emily Bronte NOTE: This monologue is reprinted from Wuthering Heights. Emily Bronte. New York: Harper Brothers, 1848. MRS. LINTON: How long is it since I shut myself in here? It seems a weary number of hours it must be more. I remember being in the parlour after they had quarrelled, and Edgar being cruelly provoking, and me running into this room desperate. As soon as ever I had barred the door, utter blackness overwhelmed me, and I fell on the floor. I couldn\t explain to Edgar how certain I felt of having a fit, or going raging mad, if he persisted in teasing me! I had no command of tongue, or brain, and he did not guess my agony, perhaps: it barely left me sense to try to escape from him and his voice. Before I recovered sufficiently to see and hear, it began to be dawn, and, Nelly, I\ll tell you what I thought, and what has kept recurring and recurring till I feared for my reason. I thought as I lay there, with my head against that table leg, and my eyes dimly discerning the grey square of the window, that I was enclosed in the oak-panelled bed at home; and my heart ached with some great grief which, just waking, I could not recollect. I pondered, and worried myself to discover what it could be, and, most strangely, the whole last seven years of my life grew a blank! I did not recall that they had been at all. I was a child; my father was just buried, and my misery arose from the separation that Hindley had ordered between me and Heathcliff. I was laid alone, for the first time; and, rousing from a dismal doze after a night of weeping, I lifted my hand to push the panels aside: it struck the table-top! I swept it along the carpet, and then memory burst in: my late anguish was swallowed in a paroxysm of despair. I cannot say why I felt so wildly wretched: it must have been temporary derangement; for there is scarcely cause. But, supposing at twelve years old I had been wrenched from the Heights, and every early association, and my all in all, as Heathcliff was at that time, and been converted at a stroke into Mrs. Linton, the lady of Thrushcross Grange, and the wife of a s tranger: an exile, and outcast, thenceforth, from what had been my world. You may fancy a glimpse of the abyss where I grovelled! Shake your head as you will, Nelly, you have helped to unsettle me! You should have spoken to Edgar, indeed you should, and compelled him to leave me quiet! Oh, I\m burning! I wish I were out of doors! I wish I were a girl again, half savage and hardy, and free; and laughing at injuries, not maddening under them! Why am I so changed? why does my blood rush into a hell of tumult at a few words? I\m sure I should be myself were I once among the heather on those hills. Open the window again wide: fasten it open! Quick, why don\t you move? We will write a custom essay on Wuthering Heights monologue specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now